Planning Curriculum in Social Studies


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No. 1218, 2001, 316 pp.

Planning Curriculum in Social Studies is designed with two primary purposes in mind:

  1. To help educators develop coherent social studies curriculum and programs that help students develop knowledge and understanding of the major ideas and concepts of the field of social studies and help students to become effective citizens.
  2. To help curriculum coordinators and teachers plan a social studies program using Wisconsin’s Model Academic Standards for Social Studies and the vision of powerful teaching and learning developed by the National Council for the Social Studies.

A major challenge facing this field of study is the ever-increasing amount of information. It is, for this reason, the authors of this guide are encouraging an even greater focus on the big ideas and major concepts of social studies. The content of social studies must be organized around the most important ideas and concepts so that students can apply them to the past, present, and future. Unless the curriculum requires a greater depth of knowledge and understanding, students will continue to leave school without a framework for applying their knowledge and skills to current and new issues and problems.

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