Curriculum Planning for Parents and Children




No. 4126, 2004, 400 pp.

Strong families positively affect a child’s development and well-being throughout life. Strengthening families and parent-child relations must be a high priority in every community. Curriculum Planning for Parents and Children focuses on the importance of a nurturing family environment. It helps ensure that all children will be able to become active citizens and understand their roles in the family, society, and the world of work.

Curriculum Planning for Parents and Children can help teachers challenge students to see the larger ramifications of everyday choices and actions. Students will investigate significant questions of concern to family and society; develop their intellectual and social skills; and engage in individual, family, and community action and service-learning projects.

This guide is based on the premise that we can expect more of our students. We must challenge them with complex subject matter, just as they are faced with complex choices in their daily lives. Through this solid foundation, we will foster productive, responsible, caring, and contributing citizens for the 21st century.

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