Adolescent Learning Toolkit


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No. 7065, 2007, 350 pp.

The Adolescent Learning Toolkit is designed to help middle and high school educators strengthen and improve instruction to their adolescent students, specifically in reading and math.

The first section addresses the fact that teachers at the middle school and high school levels need to help students become stronger readers if they are to succeed academically in the content areas. Because most secondary teachers are not experts in teaching reading, the toolkit addresses how to help students develop important reading skills within the context of the various content areas.

The second section of the toolkit addresses teaching and learning in mathematics. Students must build a solid mathematical foundation to succeed in college, work, and personal lives. This requires developing a mathematical frame of mind that goes beyond calculations and procedures and one that delves into understanding and reasoning.

This publication offers specific teaching strategies and resources to help educators strengthen their practice. These strategies are intended to be easy to implement in one’s classroom and were developed by Wisconsin practitioners who have developed expertise in their field and also ground their practice in current educational research.

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