Opening Doors to Self-Determination Skills


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No. 9092, 2009, 23 pp.

Bundle all four Opening Doors publications and SAVE! Includes: A Guide to Adult Services, Employment, Post-Secondary Education and Training, and Self-Determination Skills. Each bundle includes one packet (50) of each of the Opening Doors publications.

The Opening Doors Series advance students forward into a productive adulthood. The booklets can be used by individual students, families, IEP teams, classes, teachers, and small student groups. Booklets are sold in packs of 50.

Setting and achieving goals helps students grow. Knowing their strengths and addressing their weaknesses is important as students prepare for life after high school. As students move through school and toward adulthood, they go through a process of considering who they are and who they wish to become. What kind of work would they like to do? What will they need to do to pursue this work? What living arrangements do they envision? What education, training, and services will be available to them along the way? Students can work with counselors, parents, and teachers as they work with this resource.

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